Solution Manager Health Check

Do you have an SAP Solution Manager system but don't use it?

  • You are not yet aware of the possibilities for optimal use of e.g. Change Management or Focused Build? Or do you encounter ambiguities in the configuration of the system?
  • No one can answer your questions about the status of Solution Manager and its functions?


What is the benefit of a Solution Manager Health Check?

  • You know the status and health of the system.
  • You can develop a plan for how and when to use the system.

The abat Solution Manager Health Check

Health Check through our expertise

  • Experts check your system for stable installation and basic configuration.
  • Potential for improvement and/or need for action are identified.
  • Analysis results are documented in detail
With Solution Manager we no longer have any problems with our transports.

(Dirk Bäcker, Josera GmbH)

abat is one of the leading SAP service providers for the automotive and manufacturing industries in Germany.

The abat Solution Manager Health Check combines our knowledge of existing SAP systems with our experience and tools from numerous Solution Manager projects.

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This is how we proceed:

  • Expert analysis of the system or system landscape
  • Workshop on the company's history and goals with Solution Manager
  • Tool-based review using reports
  • Evaluation of the results and derivation of implementation steps by the abat expert network


We deliver the results:

  • Detailed and written analysis results including expert evaluation and derivation of next steps
  • Detailed implementation planning
  • Possible innovation potentials in the area of Solution Manager, especially for the analyzed company and its processes within the feasible range.

Our Success Stories

Imperial Logistics

Integrated Warehouse and Transportation with SAP S/4HANA

Greenfield implementation of a logistics template in the chemical industry. Imperial Logistics is a pioneer in the use of embedded EWM and TM integration in S/4HANA on Release 1709.

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SAS Automotive Systems

e-Accounting meets the requirements of the Mexican tax authorities

German companies based in Mexico must also adapt their e-accounting to the legal requirements of the Mexican tax authority SAT - and provide information on their key financial figures.

to the project

Our customers in the area of consult


SAP Developer

What I find most attractive working at abat is the friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We are coworkers as well as friends. I can ask any question and always receive constructive feedback. Moreover, it is highly encouraged to try new things, which helps broaden the horizon for me and the company alike.


SAP Consultant

I truly enjoy working at abat. The flexible working environment and professional colleagues have made my experience here exceptional. The culture of collaboration and willingness to offer help has allowed me to develop my skills in SAP. Overall, I feel grateful to be a part of such a supportive and dynamic team


Business Development

abat is a high-tech company, which focus on the specific areas deeply. The attitude of abat towards our customers and business partners is professional, sincere, honest and respect. To the employees, abat provides a humanity culture and environment. The company regards and manages the employees in the way that we are all adults, e.g. to give us enough trust and freedom so that we can arrange our work and develop ourselves. In one word, abat is a professional high-tech company with humanity.


Legal Representative

For me, abat means a combination of independent work and strong teamwork.


General Manager

At abat, we believe in the magic of mutual trust, personal responsibility, and respectful cooperation rather than rigid rules and long coordination. This creates a dynamic and enjoyable work environment, that results in exceptional experiences for our customers. I am amazed by the wonder of this guiding principle.