Future, but secure: With abat Hybrid Cloud Manufacturing

Where successful system landscapes reach their limits and a restart causes immense costs, Hybrid Cloud Manufacturing is the solution. Hybrid solutions allow you to extend your existing software using microservice architecture. Simply put, cloud computing is the ability to optimally power systems with minimal resources. Optionally, classic system modules can be transferred to modern landscapes - or directly replaced by innovative cloud concepts.

Saving time and money, abat puts your system on course for the future. Hybrid Cloud Manufacturing paves the way for modern technologies and sophisticated processes. These are coming into focus in an increasingly networked world, with the need for rapid innovation. Shorter model cycles or product runtimes, plus the desire for lean development phases are clear arguments for the use of Hybrid Cloud Manufacturing. abat supports you on this path.

Scale, program, innovate: Targeted deployment for your system landscape

Our abat IT experts support you in setting up and restructuring your processes. In doing so, we only invest in those components that are in focus according to your requirements - and after an in-depth analysis. Where does innovative cloud technology make sense? Which functionality can be supplemented by modern container technology? Answers to these questions are standard in abat's implementation process.

The transformation plan for your software landscape that follows the analysis points the way for the next steps. We design these tailored to your needs - for a smooth process. In addition, you receive customized concepts for maintenance and support with the abat round-the-clock service for your system-critical infrastructure.

Your advantages when using Hybrid Cloud Manufacturing

  • Low initial investment
  • Adaptive scalability, oriented to concrete needs
  • Higher innovation capability, also with existing systems
  • Significantly faster implementation
  • Performance improvement
  • Lower accompanying costs

Our customers in the area of manufacture

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