Sustainability company

abat AG is a non-public stock corporation. The shares are wholly owned by persons who are or have been operationally active in the company, none of whom holds a blocking minority. For the succession of the company management, abat started years ago to include other employees in the management in addition to the founding board members. abat has been self-financing since its foundation, has always had a positive EBIT and has transferred at least 50% of the profit to reserves over the last few years.

We focus on long-term customer and supplier relationships, i.e. instead of short-term success, long-term goal fulfillment and customer benefit are the focus of all our actions.

We see ourselves more as a partner to our customers than as a supplier. Realizing projects with abat means for our customers to realize their project plans in time and budget. To achieve this, transparency is required both internally and externally.

Innovation is an essential part of sustainable management at abat. Thus, technical and process-related innovations are constantly monitored, taken up by abat and developed in the form of innovation teams and passed on to the employees.

Live sustainability

For us as an IT consultancy, the environment also plays an important role in relation to our sustainability efforts, because as a service company we also have an impact on the environment through our business activities. For us, this means that we continue to drive forward our efforts to make social, ecological and economic factors sustainable and create framework conditions for our employees to behave more sustainably. This includes, for example, promoting sustainable mobility, ensuring good working conditions or supporting knowledge acquisition, for example with regard to innovative technologies.

The conscious and careful use of resources is an important element for us in making a significant contribution to climate and environmental protection. We achieve this on the one hand through our own office buildings at our Bremen and St. Ingbert sites, which were constructed in accordance with the criteria of the DGNB.

And IT equipment also plays an important role for us as an IT service provider. We operate several hundred servers, almost all of which have been outsourced to two external data centers. In addition, all servers have been virtualized wherever possible since 2011, reducing the number of server landscapes to around one-sixth. Unused servers are switched off to reduce energy consumption. Servers are also used for a longer-than-average period of time, and decommissioned but still functional servers are either donated to public institutions or used by trainees as experimental servers. Instead of replacing devices immediately, they are retrofitted if possible or continue to be used in another work area.

Office in Bremen, ©tristan vankann

Office in St.Ingbert

Due to the nature of our services and close cooperation with our customers, business trips cannot be avoided. When choosing a company car, e-cars and hybrid vehicles are allowed, as well as diesel engines, which are more energy-efficient for high mileage. At our company headquarters, we provide employees with parking spaces with the necessary charging stations for both e-cars and e-bikes. Speaking of e-bikes, we additionally support the use of bicycles to get to the office by offering employees the opportunity to lease bikes. In addition, our employees can request a BahnCard 100 instead of a company car.

Since 2016, we have expanded our services to include the business area of sustainability in order to be able to support our customers even more comprehensively. In 2017, we expanded our company with the incorporation of ID-Impuls GmbH and further strengthened our sustainability consulting.

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