Final spurt SAP S/4HANA transformation: but please with method

ERP projects have always been a complex undertaking. The introduction of SAP S/4HANA is no exception. Those who deal intensively with the "how" of a transformation in addition to the "what" are well advised. A preliminary study helps to set the right course towards S/4HANA and accelerate the transformation.

Innovations, adaptability, and resilience: More than ever, companies are dependent on processes that open the scope for new work and organizational concepts. A key role in the implementation is filled by an ERP system that seamlessly integrates organizational and technical innovations.

Therefore a modern ERP system landscape is essential. The good news is that SAP S/4HANA is a fitting solution. The not-so-good news, anyone who has been through an ERP transformation knows full well that a transformation is not a foregone conclusion. On the contrary. A recent ISG study confirms that SAP S/4HANA migrations are often slow. According to the analysts at the market research company, it also shows that one question is driving those responsible: What is the best course of action? Incidentally, this is a question that is also frequently asked of our consultants.

Detect hotspots immediately

To help determine the best course of action, we have developed our transformationCOMPASS. The transformationCOMPASS helps to identify forks in the road and hotspots before an SAP S/4HANA project really gets underway. It is based on information about strategic orientation, starting position, target architecture, process design, and SAP standard affinity. Thanks to transformation best practices, our online tool identifies the relevant building blocks that should receive the most attention. As with any challenging task, the more thought-out the project, the fewer surprises await along the way.

The building blocks of the transformationCOMPASS later become part of the preliminary study that has emerged from the SAP projects implemented by abat as a planning best practice.

From this point, the company will define the stages of their own implementation – from the creation of a roadmap to process and system analysis, to the evaluation and validation of the implementation options.

Two aspects are in the forefront. First, a preliminary study, as a kind of preliminary project, supplements the Discover phase of the Activate project management and implementation method recommended by SAP. As a result, specific tasks from the Prepare and Explore phases are brought forward. The second aspect is the use of SAP migration and transformation tools refined with content and additional knowledge. Both are secondary to making the content of the project more "tangible", controlling the project complexity, and accelerating the project.


Avoid errors in process cutting

Example of activities brought forward: The fit-to-standard analysis checks the fit of the desired customer (target) processes to the S/4HANA standard processes shown in the system demo. SAP typically assigns this task to the Explore phase. If the fit-to-standard analysis is carried out simultaneously with the strategic (target) process specifications and scoping - the identification of best-practice processes relevant for the prototype - an iterative procedure can be used to draw up a process master list that reflects the corporate strategy and has a high degree of similarity with the standard processes in S/4HANA. This pays off directly into the transformation acceleration, since essential implementation questions are already clarified before the actual start of the project and errors in the process design are avoided.

Example Content (now it gets a bit more technical): With the S/4HANA Readiness Check, SAP provides a tool environment with components that check the existing SAP process and system landscape for compatibility with the new ERP product. The "compatibility" check covers all levels - from processes and objects to interfaces and add-on connections to data quality and (T-shirt) sizing of the system and HANA DB to customer-specific enhancements.

The result of the test and analysis run is a list of all functional changes (simplification items), including business functions that are no longer supported and technically related changes. With the support of the abat Conversion Accelerator, the individual activities on the comprehensive list are bundled according to subject and function, clustered into categories and prioritized according to importance. They are collected segmented backlogs assigned time and effort and put together into individual implementation packages which are tailored to the the company's needs.


Reveal alternative approach

In short: The abat Conversion Accelerator bundles the experience and knowledge of numerous SAP transformation projects. Critical task areas of a transformation project are identified immediately, connections with other tasks are revealed and given priority in the processing. Additionally, transformation-related issues can be precisely quantified, alternative approaches compared and a detailed implementation roadmap developed - always with the goal of completing the transformation on time and on budget.

Even shorter: If the SAP transformation tools give those responsible a guideline as to what needs to be done, the know-how stored in the abat Conversion Accelerator provides them with additional answers to the question of how and by what means they can achieve their goal.

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As a result, companies receive guidance for their individual SAP S/4HANA transformation. With the know-how provided in the abat methodology, they find the right tactics and can implement the transformation despite limited personnel resources.

The result: Companies receive an application landscape around a clean core that gives them all the freedom they need to integrate or implement new, innovative business processes - regardless of whether these are provided on-prem or via a cloud.

Our Success Stories


What began as Josera in 1941 is now one of Germany's largest producers of feed for livestock and pets - Erbacher the food family. Strong growth presented the company with significant challenges. Business processes were changed because transportation could no longer be handled in an efficient sequence. As a result, the company implemented SAP Solution Manager as a central control tool for all SAP…

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Short interview about the SAP ERP implementation and warehouse redesign at Weidmüller Mexico in Puebla. One of the challenges of the project was the incompatibility of the old warehouse layout with the current SAP requirements. abat changed the warehouse layout for more efficient processes and transparency. Key improvements included optimized goods receiving, storage, picking and shipping, as well…

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B.A.U.M. e.V.

The B.A.U.M. e.V. network faced significant challenges: It lacked a clear strategy for digitizing processes and a system coordinator to integrate the various trades. In addition, the existing CRM solution was not compatible with the newly created Digital B.A.U.M. platform, and there were no certified standard interfaces. What was needed was a future-proof solution that could be used without…

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Effective communication is often the key to project success. As a family business with more than 200 years of tradition, the PFERD brand has made communication and trust an important part of its core values. This success story of an S/4HANA migration at the Mexican site describes the challenge and the successful cooperation between abat and PFERD during the project phase and beyond.

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Since the beginning of the 2000s, Steinbeis has been mapping its business processes with a very sophisticated SAP ERP system that is tailored in detail to its own requirements. Due to the announced end of maintenance, the system will have to be replaced in the medium term. A key objective is to map more processes than before using standard processes. Using a fit-gap analysis, the abat experts…

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Salzgitter AG

2018 startete der Salzgitter Konzern die Umstellung der kompletten ERP-Infrastruktur auf SAP S/4HANA. Im Zuge dieses konzernweiten Transformationsvorhabens sollten in einem eigenen Projekt die Warenwirtschaftsprozesse der Vormaterialbeschaffung aus einer Beteiligungsgesellschaft über alle beteiligten Konzerngesellschaften hinweg vereinheitlicht, optimiert und automatisiert werden. In elf Workshops…

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DESMA supports the shoe industry with innovative production solutions for Industry 4.0, highly automated machines, excellent know-how and comprehensive support. However, continuous innovation is only possible if the company optimizes its internal processes. The discontinuation of support for SAP R/3 was therefore a reason for DESMA to take care of a changeover at an early stage. Thanks to abat,…

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Imperial Logistics

Integrated Warehouse and Transportation with SAP S/4HANA

Greenfield implementation of a logistics template in the chemical industry. Imperial Logistics is a pioneer in the use of embedded EWM and TM integration in S/4HANA on Release 1709.

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SAS Automotive Systems

e-Accounting meets the requirements of the Mexican tax authorities

German companies based in Mexico must also adapt their e-accounting to the legal requirements of the Mexican tax authority SAT - and provide information on their key financial figures.

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