Why App Development?

Apps form the basis of today's mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. The ubiquitous helpers for the most diverse use cases make it possible to adapt one's own smartphone to the respective needs and to elicit its full potential. In this way, the user can be provided with all the necessary functions in one device so that he can communicate, collect data, navigate, shop, and even pay anytime and anywhere.

The relevance of apps is also an increasing trend in B2B business. By using an app, business partners can access all information flexibly and quickly. The services can be accessed portably and are adaptable to most end devices, such as conventional smartphones. By developing apps specifically tailored to the needs of your company, you can also benefit from these advantages, whether it's an app for digitizing your internal company processes or an app for acquiring and retaining end customers, for example.

Digitization and optimization of internal company processes

Reducing costs
With app development, we enable the compressed presentation of processes and functions on mobile devices. The field of application ranges from data acquisition, retrieval and visualization of data to the management of manufacturing and production processes. By using commercially available hardware such as smartphones or tablets, you can in many cases dispense with comparatively expensive hardware in the form of special industrial devices or desktop PCs, including all the associated components, and thus save costs.

Optimize processes
By using apps that are individually tailored to the needs of your company, we help you ensure that your employees can concentrate on exactly those things that really make sense. Because the simple and flexible usability of mobile apps supports your processes exactly where otherwise support would be difficult. For example, apps can be used not only for inventory or picking, but also for remote maintenance. At the same time, these mobile aids are much more than just a reference tool. They can provide the user with detailed instructions via augmented reality, for example, and even use differentiated image recognition to locate errors independently and help to rectify them quickly.

Increase quality
By using the already built-in cameras of the end devices, apps enable quick and easy data acquisition. This means that even data that would otherwise be difficult or costly to document can be captured. You can therefore use apps in a variety of ways to increase quality, e.g. for the digital capture of production and supplier data, which can be used to automatically derive specific quality information.

Acquisition and retention of end customers

Increase customer touch points
In the fast pace of everyday life, the question arises as to how effective advertising via placements on websites or via email marketing is. Customers receive a multitude of daily mails, making it difficult to stand out from the mass of marketing emails sent. With your own app, you can reach your customers in a much more differentiated way with push notifications, because these are displayed individually on the smartphone and also make themselves audibly noticeable to the customer with a ringtone and vibration.

Increase corporate visibility
Nowadays, the smartphone is a constant companion and has long since become indispensable in both private and business life.
 That's exactly where you want to appear, on the home screen of your customers' phones. With your logo as an app icon, you stay in your customers' minds and don't have to confront them with intrusive advertising messages. Once the app is installed on the smartphone, you subliminally advertise directly to your target group on a daily basis and thus strengthen your branding.

If you launch
an app that no one else offers, it attracts a lot of attention and can convince potential customers of your brand or your products. If there is already a competitor's app, we take a close look at it. What is successful? Are there any weak points? What do users criticize and which features are missing? With all these questions, we develop an app for you that stands out from the competition and can therefore be used more successfully.

Our Success Stories

Volkswagen de México

abat and Volkswagen de México are working together on Automating High Value Operative Processes through Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Technology.
In 2021, Volkswagen de México and abat initiated the creation of logic robots (bots) that release administrative, logistic and production teams from manual repetitive activities within its processes.

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Schnellecke Logistics

Virtual reality in automotive processes

Virtual reality training at Schnellecke Logistics USA. Joint development of a prototype scenario for a repackaging process in the automotive industry.

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Audi México

Use of VR training

Interview with Juan Pablo Moreno, Process Planning and Logistic Information (M/PL-11) at Audi México about the development of a prototype for a safety process in the automotive industry.

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Our customers in the area of transform


SAP Developer

What I find most attractive working at abat is the friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We are coworkers as well as friends. I can ask any question and always receive constructive feedback. Moreover, it is highly encouraged to try new things, which helps broaden the horizon for me and the company alike.


SAP Consultant

I truly enjoy working at abat. The flexible working environment and professional colleagues have made my experience here exceptional. The culture of collaboration and willingness to offer help has allowed me to develop my skills in SAP. Overall, I feel grateful to be a part of such a supportive and dynamic team


Business Development

abat is a high-tech company, which focus on the specific areas deeply. The attitude of abat towards our customers and business partners is professional, sincere, honest and respect. To the employees, abat provides a humanity culture and environment. The company regards and manages the employees in the way that we are all adults, e.g. to give us enough trust and freedom so that we can arrange our work and develop ourselves. In one word, abat is a professional high-tech company with humanity.


Legal Representative

For me, abat means a combination of independent work and strong teamwork.


General Manager

At abat, we believe in the magic of mutual trust, personal responsibility, and respectful cooperation rather than rigid rules and long coordination. This creates a dynamic and enjoyable work environment, that results in exceptional experiences for our customers. I am amazed by the wonder of this guiding principle.


SAP Consultant

What is special about abat is the future-oriented work culture with freedom to constantly develop and face new challenges together. Flat hierarchies and a freely configurable work spectrum set new standards for a self-organized company and friendly interaction in the workplace.