LKSG - Due diligence in the supply chain

Create clarity about risks in your supply chain

The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act is a legal regulation introduced in Germany in 2021. It aims to ensure that companies in Germany must comply with human rights, employee rights, and environmental and social standards along their supply chains.

The LKSG affects all companies with a size of 1,000 employees or more and obliges them to comply with minimum human rights and environmental standards in their supply chains.

Our consulting services help companies implement the LKSG.

We offer the following services:
  • Analysis of your supply chains and identification of risks and vulnerabilities
  • Development of strategies for compliance with minimum human rights and environmental standards in your supply chains
  • Support for the preparation of risk and sustainability reports and for communication with stakeholders
  • Training and workshops to sensitize your employees to the requirements of the LKSG
  • Support in the implementation of ID-Report to monitor and control your supply chains

Our consulting is based on an individual analysis of your supply chains and the resulting risks and vulnerabilities. Together with you, we develop a strategy for implementing the LKSG that is tailored to your needs. In doing so, we emphasize a practice-oriented approach and rely on close cooperation with your company. After all, risk management cannot be outsourced, but it can be made effective and efficient through external support.

Start now with us into a sustainable future and successfully implement the Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act! Contact us today and arrange a non-binding initial meeting.