Design Thinking

Creativity instead of monotony

Have you or your employees ever been dissatisfied with a newly implemented IT solution?

Are you unsure how best to find solutions to your IT challenges?
Or would you like to be more innovative, but don't know how?

Be creative and focus on the user

In addition to intelligent technologies such as machine learning and the Internet of Things, the SAP Intelligent Technologies portfolio also includes a new method for finding solutions: Design Thinking.

A Design Thinking workshop always takes place in a relaxed atmosphere and creative environment.

We are happy to provide appropriately designed rooms in our house. There, the participants can give free rein to their thoughts.

Design thinking involves working in multi-disciplinary teams.
This means that not only decision-makers participate in the workshops, but also representatives from the specialist departments are involved from the very beginning. In an iterative process, we first familiarize ourselves with your problem and then enter into a brainstorming session together with you. Criticism of other workshop participants' ideas is absolutely taboo during this session. Afterwards, we discuss your ideas, sort them into clusters and decide on the favorites.

In a short time, we then develop a first prototype to make the favored ideas more tangible. We start with so-called low fidelity mockups. Participants are provided with pens, paper and sticky notes for an initial rough visualization of the ideas. The mockups serve our UI developers as a basis for a first prototype, so that the workshop participants can see their ideas on a mobile device or desktop and check their suitability a short time later. Often, changes are still made to the prototype. And that's absolutely fine, because that's the only way to find the best solution.

abat helps you to become innovative

abat is happy to conduct design thinking workshops with you in order to jointly develop innovative solutions for your challenges. We would be happy to invite you to our premises for this purpose, but workshops on site at your premises are also possible.

Our Success Stories

Imperial Logistics

Integrated Warehouse and Transportation with SAP S/4HANA

Greenfield implementation of a logistics template in the chemical industry. Imperial Logistics is a pioneer in the use of embedded EWM and TM integration in S/4HANA on Release 1709.

to the project

SAS Automotive Systems

e-Accounting meets the requirements of the Mexican tax authorities

German companies based in Mexico must also adapt their e-accounting to the legal requirements of the Mexican tax authority SAT - and provide information on their key financial figures.

to the project

Our customers in the area of consult


SAP Developer

What I find most attractive working at abat is the friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We are coworkers as well as friends. I can ask any question and always receive constructive feedback. Moreover, it is highly encouraged to try new things, which helps broaden the horizon for me and the company alike.


SAP Consultant

I truly enjoy working at abat. The flexible working environment and professional colleagues have made my experience here exceptional. The culture of collaboration and willingness to offer help has allowed me to develop my skills in SAP. Overall, I feel grateful to be a part of such a supportive and dynamic team


Business Development

abat is a high-tech company, which focus on the specific areas deeply. The attitude of abat towards our customers and business partners is professional, sincere, honest and respect. To the employees, abat provides a humanity culture and environment. The company regards and manages the employees in the way that we are all adults, e.g. to give us enough trust and freedom so that we can arrange our work and develop ourselves. In one word, abat is a professional high-tech company with humanity.


Legal Representative

For me, abat means a combination of independent work and strong teamwork.


General Manager

At abat, we believe in the magic of mutual trust, personal responsibility, and respectful cooperation rather than rigid rules and long coordination. This creates a dynamic and enjoyable work environment, that results in exceptional experiences for our customers. I am amazed by the wonder of this guiding principle.

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