Artificial Intelligence

What is AI?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a collection of solutions that imitate the human capacity to solve problems and make decisions. It can analyze large volumes of information to draw conclusions or make predictions in a fast and reliable way. The main purpose of AI is not to replace human workers but to rather assist them as the decision-support system that it is.

What are the benefits of AI?

  • Agility in data analytics.
  • More confidence in the decisions made.
  • Reduction in effort and costs.
  • Automated analysis of images, data chunks, videos, etc.
  • Regressions and predictions of the behavior of your data.

The abat AI Starter Package

  • You will understand how AI works, what it can be used for and what are the areas of opportunity within the company.
  • Through a specific demonstration case of one of your company’s processes, you will get a clearer vision of the application of Artificial Intelligence.
  • You will be able to understand the procedure required to introduce AI into your company´s processes.

abat is one of the leading SAP and Technological Innovation service providers for the automotive and manufacturing industries in Germany, Mexico, and USA.

Implementing efficient process flows is our core business, and custom-fit customer solutions are our secret to success. And this means using AI in the right place and with the right tools.

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    This is how we proceed:

    • An introductory workshop to have a general understanding of AI and to study the implementation possibilities in your business.
    • Evaluation of processes that can be optimized with AI.
    • Viability analysis for the processes selected.
    • Implementation of a Demo for a selected process.
    • Further optimization of the Demo to achieve a higher profit. You will have all the information required to understand how the Demo can evolve, and how it can improve the results obtained.

    We deliver these results:

    • Process optimization through AI.
    • An AI Demo with a complete confidence analysis to know what to expect.
    • Data analysis with the identification of improvement areas that can boost your business use of a case.
    • Determination of the key factors involved in the AI solution.
    • Roadmap with the next steps of the proposed solution.

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    Understanding AI and identifying potential with the AI Starter Package

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