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Despite all the synergies and platform strategies, the unrelentingly high demand for punctuality and depth of detail is increasing the complexity of (discrete) manufacturing.

Multidisciplinary and overlapping process steps are more the rule than the exception and are a result of the demand to survive in competition. The prerequisites are digital solutions from abat manufacture, such as consistent traceability in real time.

Back to Basics: Defining traceability for your industry

Transparency and an overview from the procurement of raw materials and parts to mechanical or manual processing– is ensured by the traceability feature from abat manufacture. Every step within the process, whether in the factory or at the customer's site, is documented. Basic data such as the names of manufacturers, suppliers and intermediaries are stored in the process.

Fields of application and examples of traceability - with the goal of quality

The focus is on if a process or a product is problematic in detail and how it is occuring. Traceability made by abat can be realized for almost every conceivable area of your planned product or the prototype, for example in the traceability


  • per Upstream Tracing, for material resp. of the components
  • via downstream tracing, especially for serial number tracking for warranty and guarantee purposes
  • entire processes or partial stages
  • of the employees within the process (who did what and when)
  • of audits (when and how was audited)

With the overview of the complete production, you always have every step of the process chain under control. Any process, test, and repair parameters can be identified. Optimization or replacement of individual components or assemblies is made easier, and in the best case scenario, a complete production stoppage can be prevented.

In addition, the documentation of the respective employee gives you the opportunity to exercise direct feedback on the respective activity. Traceability & Quality is thus available for both internal and external management. With abat manufacture, your process becomes stress-resistant and meets the requirements of applicable quality standards.

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