Successful SAP Template Localization in Mexico, Including a S/4HANA Migration

Dialogue with PFERD

At a glance

      Tool Manufacturing
     7 manufacturing sites
     and over 20 sales companies worldwide
      328 million euros (2022)

The PFERD brand of August Rüggeberg GmbH & Co. KG is a leader in the development, production, consulting, and distribution of tool solutions for surface finishing and material cutting.
As a family-owned company with over 200 years of tradition, PFERD has made communication and trust an important part of its core values. As the company has expanded internationally, these values and the team concept have helped to overcome cultural barriers.
The company is headquartered in Marienheide, Germany, and has plants in the USA, Spain, South Africa, and China. More than 20 international sales companies in the most important international markets ensure a global sales structure.

abat is an SAP service provider that also specializes in innovative software development. The company is a provider of complete solutions for software-supported process optimization, and it is primarily active in the core industries of automotive and discrete manufacturing, as well as in any industry whose participating companies focus on logistics processes and production control. abat wants its customers to be digital champions and have the freedom to set standards and excel in their competitive environments.


Effective communication is often critical to project success. Can you share a specific example from this project with abat where effective communication played a crucial role in resolving a challenging situation or improving team collaboration?

abat has supported us from the beginning of the implementation of the SAP system in Mexico. I believe that a clear example of effective communication was demonstrated with the coordination of all the efforts so that our headquarters in Germany was able to understand the special fiscal and legal requirements in Mexico. The abat team effectively always supported us to carry out the explanations. The communication and support provided by Derly and Daniel (abat Consultants) should be especially noted. They were proactive and frequently willing to coordinate meetings to clarify any issue, rather than trying to handle everything by email.

Working with a team from a different country can present unique communication challenges. Do you think abat was able to ensure open and effective communication with your German counterparts throughout the project?


Absolutely, the abat team was always and has been willing to support us to clarify everything with our colleagues in Germany, even when the time zone difference could represent a challenge. For this and other reasons, as a company, we decided to continue with an Application Management Service (AMS) program to have the support of abat in solving any problem in our day-to-day operation. Whenever we have a new project to implement in SAP, we will not look for another alternative.

Building trust with clients is essential for long-term partnerships. Apart from transparency and clarity, what other communication practices did abat employ to foster a trusting relationship with your team?

All abat team members always provided us with support by any means available, be it by email, calls, messages, videoconferences or even WhatsApp. I believe that even when they are busy, they seek to give us support and a solution as soon as possible.

Migrating to S4/HANA is a complex process. Can you explain the challenges during the migration of the localization and how abat supported your team during this process to ensure a seamless transition?


I think the important part of making the migration to S4/HANA go smoothly and without any issues was having a time plan. Something that abat demonstrated was their availability and that they always looked for a way to anticipate any problem that might arise, in addition to the fact that we did not seek to triangulate information in this project and the abat team communicated directly with the team in Germany.

Are you still working with abat? Are you satisfied with this relationship?

Yes, and as I mentioned before, we will continue working with abat. Today we have an AMS program and, in addition, whenever any new requirements arise, I have no doubt that we will do it together.
We are very satisfied and happy with the work we have done together.