Success Story: Weidmüller and abat Warehouse Reengineering

Weidmüller is a German company specialized in industrial conectivity with mote than 60 representatives around the world.


In 2020 it approaches abat Mexico to collaborate in a project of process improvement in their Puebla subsidiary, seeking not only profitable but also efficient support.

What was the initial challenge Weidmüller faced with the global strategy to implement SAP ERP in the Puebla site?

Weidmüller in Mexico:
The main challenge that Weidmüller faced with the global strategy of implementating SAP ERP in Puebla, was the alignment of its operational processes with the complexity that the SAP system entails, which allows a hight integration of processes and procedures in all departments but little flexivility in simple or unique operations, that are often present in all service companies.

What were the main objectives to be accomplished with the layout redesign of the warehouse in the Weidmüller Puebla site?


Weidmüller in Mexico:
The physical structure of the warehouse and the process with the previous system were completely unrelated to the requirements demanded by SAP, therefore, the greatest interaction that abat had was in the warehouse management area (storage management), collaborating in the reengineering both in the physical layout as the implementation in the corresponding SAP modules. In this way, Weidmüller Puebla was able to implementation in the best logistics routes to save time and resources in material flow. Some of the main objectives to be met with the redesign of the warehouse layout was to optimize the spaces and make the routes for the supply of the material more efficient, achieving greater transparency both in the order picking and in the put-away of incoming material.

Which were the four main factors that were optimized in the improvement of the warehouse?


Weidmüller in Mexico:
Among the facts that were optimized in the improvement of the warehouse, the following can be highlighted: goods receipts, put-away, picking process, and shipment. Precise routes to optimize times and routes in the supply/re-stocking of materials mainly.

Which advantages have you identified operating now with the new layout?


Weidmüller in Mexico:
Weidmüller currently has many advantages operating with a simpler layout, more efficient supply and storage locations, following the FIFO (Firs Input-First Outout) principle, which not only reduces costs, but also contributes to archieve a better service to customers with on-time shipments and reduction of the daily backlog. In addition to avoiding rework due to human factor.

How was your overall experience working with abat as a partner?


Weidmüller in Mexico:
Weidmüller has now consolidated itself as a company in search of continuos improvement, and allies such as abat have been a key part to achieve our objectives.